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Title: Dirty Dishes
Featuring: Kayla and Ben
Kayla just wants to get some housework done but she is rudely interupted by her husband who has other plans. He comes in behind her and gropes her body and teases her until she steps away from the dishes and gets on her knees to clean his cock
Video Length: 26 minutes, 36 seconds
Title: Pumping it in
Featuring: Cheryl and Doug
Homemade BBW housewife Cheryl takes direction well and does what her husband asks. She comes close and pulls out his cock to get him hard, and then bends over a pillow to get fucked doggystyle until he pumps a load of cum deep inside her pussy.
Video Length: 14 minutes, 12 seconds
Title: Just Hangin Out
Featuring: Kayla and Ben
Kayla in just hangin out on the couch watching TV and smoking when Ben enters with high expectations of getting laid. He walks up with a raging hard on and she whips it out to help the swelling go down. She sucks it a little before bending
Video Length: 23 minutes, 10 seconds
Title: Fly on The Wall
Featuring: Shawna and Kerry
A stationary camera films this couple in the act. They setup in the bedroom and let the magic happen. She sucks him to hardness before she strips down and climbs on top of his cock for the ride of her life until he cums inside her pussy.
Video Length: 15 minutes, 45 seconds
Title: Surprise Quickie
Featuring: Kayla and Ben
Ben grabs the camera with his morning wood and surprises his wife who is surfing the internet. She knows whats up and gladly helps him out by moving to the couch and spreading her legs. He doesn't waste any time and plunges right in to fuck
Video Length: 21 minutes, 28 seconds
Title: Lady in Red
Featuring: Kayla and Ben
Kayla enters their room with her husband Ben and his friend, but his friend is just there to film them. They joke a little as she sucks her mans cock and then gets fucked and creampied as his friend records all the action.
Video Length: 24 minutes, 16 seconds